dear friend, where are you at?


Hello. My name is Liza, I’m 17 years old. Where am I from? Let’s keep it as a secret for a while, as being from this place is quite repels some people.

Fine, interests. Hm-m, where should I start…

  • Music: as someone who spends most of the time listening to something while doing everyday life things, I’d define my music taste as something diversified, but still with taste. (pun)
    • Main genres include classical/orchestrated music, rock (a lot of sub-genres) and jazz. Other songs from my playlist are hard to define…different time periods, style and everything like that.
  • I’ll give you some songs:
    • Lana Del Rey – Old Money (Lana is my soul savior/queen/inspiration/etc.)
    • FTISLAND – Take Me Now (Korean culture, in fact, is another story, I’m a big lover of it. Same with Japan)
    • The Relentless – Me Against The Devil
    • The Caretaker – I Feel As If I Might Be Vanishing [I’d be grateful if you turn this on before reading all this stuff, it’s just something that’s playing on the background while I’m writing this text. Maybe it’s going to set you in mood I’m in]
    • Johannes Brahms – Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90: III. Poco allegretto
  • Books: I love reading, but at the moment I’m busy with school, so I don’t have much time to spend on reading. Okay, my faves: London, Rowling, Lermontov. Actually, I wouldn’t say that my reading background is that great – I still have to improve and get to know a lot of writers and their creations. That’s one of the goals I’ve set for this year – spend more time on reading, but also get more into poetry. Poetry seems like a magical field I’ve never been acquainted much with.
  • Art: a source of my life. That;s to be short. How would I live without it?
  • Em-m…also vintage/histocal clothing (?). I don’t really know how to define this area, it’s close to previous part. I’m really interested in history in general, but also obsessed with history of fashion. I like reenactment a lot – I’ve been to such events, but never took part in them myself. (A thing to try in future)
    • I also want to wear vintage everyday, so I’d love to meet someone who loves this as much as I do.
  • Learning: I don’t like school in the form that it exists, but I like learning, even knowing the fact that I’m a great procrastinator. At the moment I’m focusing on history and attempting to get my English better…I was trying to get into Korean some time ago, but stopped once and still haven’t moved even a little.
  • Movies / tv shows: I watch a lot of movies when I’m free of everything. Anything, anytime, anywhere. Suggest me – I’ll watch it. My fav movies: Only Lovers Left Alive, Roman Holiday, A Single Man, Dead Poets Society…favorite shows: Hannibal, The Knick, Versailles.
  • That were some random things that were supposed to explain myself. I don’t believe in success, but at least I tried. And I have hope. vI don’t really care about your race, gender and all of this…I only care about what person are you, hope that we share a lot of things in common…

I want to find a friend or even maybe a soulmate if they are exist, have a deep conversation with you, understand you. Listen to your voice, talk about something that is serious, then something that is funny. I really want to find someone who enjoys this beauty and atmosphere of old things, imagine living a long time ago, being on place of all this people. Have you ever felt like you’ve lived a long time ago, like you belong to absolutely different place and time? I do feel like this. And hope to find this kind of person.

Mail me: elizaviette @ gmail. com

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