(In the girl in the picture) I’m 20 y/o from the U.S. and I’m looking for a pen pal to exchange letters and little gifts and trinkets and post cards with. I want to learn about the world and I hope I can teach others as well. I believe everyone has something to teach?

A little about me:
-I’m Muslim
-I’m Persian, Russian, French, danish, Turkish, and German,
-my fiancé is Afghan so I hold that country very dear to my heart❤️
– I wear glasses
-I’m in college to become an interior designer
-I speak English, some Spanish(not very well but I want to learn) and I want to learn Dari(Afghan Farsi).
I also hope to learn one day French, Russian, and Japanese as well
-I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, Barcelona, Athens, and Moscow
-My fav color: blue, gold
-Fav tv show: new girl, the office, don’t trust the b in apt 23
-Fav food: Pizza( I know it’s a generic answer)
-Hobbies: cooking(currently learn French and Russian recipes), ice skating, drawing, playing sims
I’m very dorky at times, and I’m very shy all of the time
-I love shopping?

I have a tuxedo cat named Kitty and a chihuahua/greyhound mix named Kyle

The guy in my picture is my fiancé and he is my absolute best friend in the whole world. We had our engagement party back in September and it was gorgeous❤️❤️❤️

Requirements for Penpal:
-females only
-must talk for a while before sending addresses
-must be able to send and receive letters
– no flakes!!! Please!?

I’m really excited I found this account, I really want to find someone who can be a friend and we can share cultures and talk to each other about experiences and stuff.
DM me on here if you’re interested!?best

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