Looking for a pen pal


Hi there! I am new to pen pal, I’ve recently discovered my desire to start communicating with a variety of people. My perspective is open.
Here’s a little about myself-

Name: Danika. Female.
Age: 20
Location: Canada
In a relationship.
Second year college student.

Interests/Hobbies: I am really interested in this pen pal thing and would like it to become a hobby of mine. I am obsessed with my cat. I like naps and coffee (weird combo). My zen is watching DIY’s videos (mostly through Facebook). I watch assorted videos on YouTube a lot as well (unsolved cases, YouTuber channels or something like buzzfeed, etc). I am very interested in open discussions (can be anything as long as it is respectable).

I don’t mind if our friendship is short-term or long-term.

Best way of contact is via email at: heart.of.goldd@hotmail.com.

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