Hello there!


Name: Chelsy

Age: 18

Location: Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, French and learning Japanese

Gender: Female

A little about me: I’m a graphic design student but I mostly dedicate myself to art and illustration, working as a fiction novel illustrator, INFP, creative, classic music lover, I love to create stories and charaters (drama, period dramas, fantasy, comedy, cartoon, visual novels, comics), pansexual, currently in love with yuri on ice, open to discover new fandoms, history nerd, I like gardening and making tea, I have a cute cat. Aspiring visual development artist. I love watching and analyzing movies and fangirling, disney lover.

I decided to try penpal because I consider myself kinda shy but I would like to open my life to someone and know about that person too, I love deep conversations and I’m looking for long term penpal relationship, art pals, culture exchange, or someone who likes to create and imagine stories together.

Looking for someone between 16-21 years old.

Dislikes- homophobics , sexist, racist, negative people, toxic people.

We can chat by tumblr, skype, whatsApp, email, twitter, Fb, instagram, any social media.

e-mail: meiji.heian @ gmail . com

tumblr: http://missteaflowers.tumblr.com/

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