My name is Antonia, but my friends call me Anto. I’m 19 and live in Chile.

I just finished my first year of university, and I’m really bad at talking about myself.

  • I love wandering around in art museums and libraries, literature of any kind, drawing (although I’m not so good at it), cooking, learning useless things, watching movies and tv shows, playing board or video games, going to thirft stores, tea and coffee (I prefer tea, but I like both), and travelling to new places.
  • I collect enamel pins and socks with fun or unusual patterns.
  • I like many kinds of music, from classical to indie, and would love to discover more.
  • I’m an engineering student, but I don’t know what specific kind of engineering I want to do yet.
  • I dislike racism, sexism, homophobia. I also have some mental health issues, so any pen pals would have to be understanding about that kind of stuff.

I speak spanish and english fluently, and high-school level french. 
I would prefer to write in english or practice my french, since I only speak spanish in my everyday life.
I would love to meet people from all over the world, that are around my age. 
I would prefer to exchange snail mail, but I could do email too, or instant messaging. I mainly want to get to know cool people from other places and cultures.

You can contact me on:
email: anto.labarca.s @ gmail . com
telegram: barquito
instagram: a_barquito

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