Hey everyone! I’m Ezgi from Turkey and I’m 18. 

I’m currently taking a gap year before college. I’m going to study Economics next year. Yes I know it’s boring but ya 😀

  • Likes: Art history, I love reading and watching documentaries about artists especially Renaissance artists. Also coding, I’ve been learning how to code but I’m on very early stages so. I watch movies and tv shows a lot. I have a lot more interests as I’m highly energetic and full of life.
  • I don’t have much dislikes.

I know English and a little bit Germany. English-speaken-people are okay. Gender/sexuality/nationality doesn’t matter. I love having friends from all over the world.

We can be social media friends, I have WhatsApp also I’m interested in skyping in English it would be fun!!

You can contact me via tumblr: or ezgisoyluu @ hotmail . com

Hope to hear from someone :))

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