Faye / 19 / England


Hey Y’all, I’m Faye. Like I said above i’m 19 and from England. Yes, it always rains and no I haven’t had tea with the queen, but yes, I love crumpets and nothing is better than a cuppa tea on a cold morning. 

I’m very sarcastic but the good kind, I know when I need to be serious and when I can tell a joke. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands with me! 

Once, I saved a hedgehog with a soup ladle. I want this written on my eulogy – let my family know.

I’m looking for email pals, pen pals, i’m open to anything really. Just looking to make friends from all over the world.

  • I love reading, going out with friends and stereotypically binge watching crime or comdey shows on Netflix (Any recommendations are welcome, hit ya gal up) 
  • I currently study Abuse and Crime at University, similar to psychology and criminology. I’m very interested in the brain and how it develops as we grow, and how different we all are as individuals due to internal and external factors (Blonde and smart eh) So if you have a similar interest feel free to share some knowledge with me.
  • I also love making playlists! I have so many and I spent most my days spying on other peoples playlists haha, I love most types of music. No better feeling then having someone make a playlist for you, or share their favourite songs. HEAVEN.

I will talk to any gender, but I prefer ages 19-25 as I’m 19 myself. I can also only speak English.

I have Skype and all the typical Social Medias, but I would like to know someone before I give them out.

My email Is Faye.98x @ gmail. com
My Tumblr is : helloh0ney.tumblr.com/

Look forward to hearing from someone!

Stay safe. Stay good. 

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