Hi pals! My name’s Lorelei, but most people call me Loli!

I’m 20 and i live in a little seaside village in the Highlands of Scotland, when it storms the waves hit the windows. I go off on rambling tangents a lot, and I’m not that good at describing myself at first.

  • I love getting lost in art galleries, writing poetry, growing plants, baking new things, befriending every animal I see, daydreaming on long car rides, galloping down the beach on horseback, and reading all about Mythology and folklore.
  • I’m currently learning Hebrew and would love if I could find a penpal who already speaks or is learning it as well! Other than that, I speak English and a little Spanish.
  • I watch way too many documentaries, tv shows, and movies; I Adore Pride and Prejudice beyond all others and I’m still hoping for my own Mr Darcy! Arrival, Wonder Woman, La La Land and Howl’s Moving Castle and are few of my other favourite movies. I also love Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter (I’m a Slytherin) and Disney!
  • I’m currently obsessed with Haikyuu!! and Voltron (I would love a penpal who also loves either of these!) but honestly, I watch so many shows that I would bore you to list them all!
  • Music I Like: The Paper Kites, Oh Wonder, Milo Greene, Daughter, The Lumineers, Sleeping at Last, Sufjan Stevens, Bear’s Den, Seafret, Hozier, Keaton Henson, Edward Shape, Lorde, Radical Face, generally anything chill. Oh, and film scores! I’m always up for being introduced to new songs!
  • Dislikes: Small minded people (homophobes, transphobes, sexists, racists), people who are rude to wait staff, Brussel sprouts, moths, the cold and those fucking spider crabs that are basically the ocean devil. Obviously if you’re anti-Semitic then please don’t contact me.

 I’m looking for a penpal who I can exchange arty letters with. We can send each other poetry and art or anything you’d like! Location/sexuality/gender doesn’t matter as long as you’re between the ages of 18-25 ish.

you can message me on any of the below 🙂 

email- lollie sellers @ gmail .com
tumblr: / ig:ahr.tuh.mis

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