Looking for a penpal!!


Hello, my name is Nicole! I’m turning 20 in less than a week, and I’m from sunny Singapore.

A little bit about myself: I’m about to graduate polytechnic with a diploma in communications and media management. I love creating new content, so I’ve now been learning to shoot on film instead of digitally.

I eventually would like to be a music teacher! I’m singing in a ladies’ choir, and play the piano too. With regards to music, my range is pretty wide. I believe that there is no bad music, only ones that don’t suit your preference. So if you have any music recommendations, I’d be more than happy to explore new genres 🙂

I’m also beginning to pick up reading (after years of not doing it) and also analysing films. I’d love to watch/read something and have a discussion on it!

I’m looking for anyone who’s interested in keeping up a serious friendship, preferably aged 18-23. I’d love it if you’re from outside of Asia too! I’m excited to get to know you and your country!

Nicole/ selocinotions.tumblr.com/

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