Hi! My Name is Keiona (Kiana, Key-ah-nah) I’m 22 and I live in Michigan, US.

I’m a small business owner with ample amount of free time. I enjoy traveling, vintage things, fashion, writing, anything art related, makeup and SO much more!

I’m really looking for a pen pal that I can exchange snail mail with, maybe send gifts here and there, Skype, or communicate with through social media often! 

This is in no way a requirement but I would really like to connect with someone that is bilingual preferably in English and French. I’m currently teaching myself french and would love to challenge myself by reading some letters in a different language 

As long as you have great energy and amazing stories to tell I’d love to befriend you!

  • My Favorite Things: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, X-Files, my doggos (I have 3), Youtube (I’m really into traveling/daily vlogs), makeup, vintage clothing, The Sims, 80’s films annnnd 90’s, photography, music, poetry, and reading. I’m almost certain I missed a few things

I would enjoy very positive and open minded pen pals 

  • I would personally prefer female pen pals 18-30 

I can be contacted through Tumblr or emailed at 
mayo.keiona @

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