Hey everyone!!! 

My name is Alissa. Some fun facts about me:

*I’m 19

*I’m from Connecticut but go to college in Virginia 

*I am an INFP and just slightly too obsessed with the MBTI

*I am a geography nerd and my walls are covered in maps 

*My favorite show is Gossip Girl (I know it can seem shallow, but I promise that there’s something special and deep about it)

*Some of my favorite bands are: Glass Animals, The Neighbourhood, Fitz and The Tantrums, Anarbor, and waaayyy more it’s kind of ridiculous 

*One of my goals in life is to thru hike a trail that will take a couple of months to complete 

I’m looking for a penpal that is preferably female and between the ages of 18-22. Speaking English is a must bc I suck and only know English haha. I don’t mind where you’re from!! I want to travel to every single part of the world so I’ll think that wherever you’re from will be cool 🙂 

You can find me on tumblr at: 

or on instagram/twitter at:


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