! PenPal Wanted !


Name: Sem
Age: 21
Zodiac: Cancer
Gender: who cares?
Country: The Netherlands

I’m a age regressor and would love to send cute handwritten letters to others little ones out there, ofcourse that is not necessary! 

i used to snail mail a few years back and just miss it a lot.  

OW also maybe fun to know, i travelt to: Bosnia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, England, France and Germany!

  • Likes: animals, reading, documantaries, work ( i know, but i like it ), my mom and phoster moms, my pets, food, art (every form), cute stuff, drawing, culture, food, spirituality, positivity, probably you.
  • Dislikes: racism, sexsism, narrow minded people, i’m not so fond of sweet foods, my insecurity.
  • Random facts:
    (1) my mom lives in bosnia, my dad in Bulgaria, my brother in
    (i’m half Bosnian and half Dutch)
    (2) i’m going to be working on two project in my spare time,
         making a housestyle and logo design for a spiritual
        counseling website and accountant website. (super excited)

                   ~* looking forward to be writing you *~
                     e-mail: ( s.k.bakker / @ outlook . com )

      ~*pm me : (eli-aeraeth.tumblr.com)*~

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