So howdy, I’m Angie, 25, Texas (US)

Going into the new year trying my hand at penpaling again, I love making new friends in other states/countries.

  • So idk, I LOVE art so I’ll send drawings or creations here and there. 
  • Books are neat, I’m in the middle of 3 books cuz I can’t do just one thing lol. I love poetry and quotes, I use alot of metaphors and stuff. 
  • Some tv shows I’m into are Riverdale, Space Dandy, The Mick, Preacher, The Good Doctor, my tastes are kinda everywhere.

Im not gonna tell much more, that’s for the letter 

In a penpal I’m really cool with whoever is open-minded, doesn’t mind long letters, English majorily (I only speak subpar spanish) unless you wanna trade language, 20+ years, and snail mail.

Contact me at or

squirrel.girll92 @ gmail. com

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