Hi! I’m Courtney, I’m 21 and I’m from New Jersey, US.  I’m queer, taken, and am looking to meet some cool people and have pen pals 🙂


  • hugs, kisses
  • the color yellow and the color pink
  • i’m a total foodie, i could talk about food for hours 
    • movies: coraline, pitch perfect, rom coms, horror movies
    • music: most types except country, rap/hip hop, fun., panic! at the disco, marina and the diamonds, the eagles, hayley kiyoko, the beatles, jukebox the ghost, the vamps, elvis; some music i’ll find and listen to for weeks on end!
    • tv: Dexter, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Jane the Virgin, Supernatural, Bates Motel, Spongebob, Bob’s Burgers OMG and Carmilla
    • books: the hunger games series, pretty baby, the ttyl series, this lullaby, ruby holler, every day, the beach house, most YA fiction
  • i LOVE to listen
  • i also love to talk! <3


  • country music
  • raw brussel sprouts (they’re okay when cooked)
  • all kinds of phobia that stem from hatred (homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, etc.)
  • donald trump
  • most confrontation

what i’m looking for:

  • i’m mostly looking for snail mail! i love getting letters from people, it makes me so happy
  • i honestly don’t mind age, but below 16 is my cut off, and probably over 26. so i guess between 16 and 26 lol
  • i’m expecting to send a bunch of letters back and forth! i hate it when i send a letter and i don’t hear back 🙁 so i’m looking for someone to exchange more than 1 letter back and forth
  • i’m sadly only really looking in the US as postage is v expensive 
  • any race, sex, identity is fine with me! i’ve mostly exchanged with girls but am open to exchanging with guys!

i can be reached at my email calicutie007 @ gmail. com
or shoot me a message on my tumblr! <3

fun fact: i’ve met natasha negovanlis and elise bauman twice!

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