hey, i’m mia, i’m a student living in Cardiff, and i’m 19. 

I’m looking for somebody to send snail mail to! I’m covered for international (expensive lol) pen pals at the mo, so somebody from the UK or europe would be great, any age or gender! 

i don’t really use tumblr much but you can find me on instagram @ miathedutch
or you can email me miamarydutch @ 

i study journalism, media & culture so, i love discussing anything of this nature! but also wanna just chat generally about life, new cool stuff we’re into, what we’ve been up to and the like.

  • things i love: old music (that spans pretty much anything from ella fitzgerald to the doors), cult films, vinyl records, disposable cameras, vegan food, poetry, coffee, books, playing the ukulele, doc martens, thrift shopping, feminism, learning!!!
  • things i don’t like: ignorance, greed

thanks! i look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  • random fact: i once lived on a hippie commune!

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