hi !!!! my name is Al & im gonna do this pen pal thing 2 b ur pal !! 

Pen pal

Name: Alexandra (Alex/Al)

Age: 22 (23 in March)

Location: Michigan, U.S.

Language: English, rusty af German

Looking for: Snail-mail/art pal, any gender, ages 21ish-27ish, any location (even if you’re in Michigan too!!)

uhh uh uh about me: i pretty much think the whole world is interesting so I’ll try 2 keep this short aha

if you cant tell, I’m very casual/goofy, i have the mouth of a sailor so i hope that wont bother you, im just a young twenty something living with a partner & roommates & tryna live (sleep*) it up !! Oh, and my area of study is Anthropology !

  • Hobbies/interests/likes: traveling, equestrian stuff, cosplay/cons, art (painting and drawing primarily) sewing, gaming, LoL, animals (i have two naughty cats & a sleepy dog, also work w/animals ) makeup, cooking, d&d!!!, movies/film, photography, science/culture/history, too many shows (b-99, Greys anatomy, the 100, fringe, parks & rec, ect), and podcasts (Mbmbam, stuff you should know, sawbones)
  • Dislikes: the obvious stuff ending in “isms”, spiders, grocery shopping during the day, crowds, being interrupted, ppl who take up two parking spots
  • Fun fact: i have collected historical paintings/historical memes b/c they leave me in stitches tbh

if u wanna be my friend and get pretty letters w/ lil gifts/art & small packages, let me know!!

Contact: message me on here ( or email me alexandrakworden @ gmail. com !!

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