Art pen pal


Hi, I’m Kaley and I am in the process of trying to find a pen pal. 

I’m 17 and live in the United States (southern)

I was hoping to find someone that I could send snail mail to and include pictures, art, post cards, etc.

I would like to find someone within the ages of 15-22 and I don’t have any preference on gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc.. I would love to meet people from other countries, but I only speak English. I don’t mind if you’re from the US though. 

My interests include…

  • Music: basically all types, from Carrie Underwood, to post Malone, to Arctic monkeys and Bon Jovi. 
  • Supernatural: I love the show itself and the actual study of folklore and myths. I live in what’s considered a very haunted city. 
  • Art: I love doing art, whether it’s small or on a huge canvas and takes months to complete. 
  • Writing: I write letters and I write to myself. I’m not creative enough in writing to create short stories. 

So I guess that’s it. If you’re interested e-mail me
kaleyyyok @ gmail. com
Or just message me on tumblr (

Oh and I would like someone to send artsy mail back and forth to. And exchange our art and books stuff like that.

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