Hey guys! I’ve done this a few times in the past and made some really good friends, I’m hoping to do that again! My name is Jade and I’m 18 years old. I live in the U.S. 

I’m a huge animal lover (dogs and horses especially) and enjoy being outdoors. I like hiking, exploring, camping, biking, reading, painting/drawing, writing and spending time with the people I love. People say I’m very loving and loyal. I’m respectful and am the type of person to be there through think and thin. 

I have a personal blog where I post things related to body positive and self acceptance and reblog things that I relate to/give off good vibes and also give advice. I’m looking for a longterm friendship with people of all races, genders, religion, sexualities. Maybe someone to exchange some mail with here and there. A friend to talk to daily and maybe even meet in person one day! Hope to hear from you soon!

Ways to contact me:

Snapchat – jadebaksicc
Kik- jadebaksic18

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