Looking for snail mail pals!


Hi there! My name is Justina, I live in Lithuania and I am currently 18 years old

I really like the idea of sending letters or even little packages because it’s old fashioned and interesting.

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a little introverted, but open hearted. I have strange yet simple hobbies to get me out of my routine. I love flowers, I’m growing my own and painting them. I’ve been painting my whole life so who’s interested in art pen pals you’re more than welcome to write me. I love going out to jazz nights at cafes and drink coffee. I like to read mostly German writers catch my heart like E.M Remarque and etc. As for music I listen to almost anything, depends on the mood, from Schubert to Salvia Palth to Oldies like Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley. 

I’d like my pen pal to be from 18+, I’m only interested in snail mail and simple letters, as simple as how was your day, how you saw an interesting person on a bus and so on. I like to put my heart into things always, so I just want someone just as willing to do the same 🙂 other than that i have no special “requirements" 

If you’re interested you can contact me on my tumblr 🙂


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