Diving into old hobbies


I’m Portia but you can call me P. I am 18 years old and living in the wonderful country of New Zealand. I can only speak one language fluently and that is english, but i would love to learn any other language. Saying that i am ‘diving into old hobbies’ may make me sound old but i use to have a few penpals many years ago. Over time we lost contact.

Im studying automotive engineering (to become a mechanic) and work in hospitality. I have a passion for music, vintage style things, photography and adventure. With that said i may just sound like your stereotypical wannabe tumblr girl. I live in a flat with my bestfriend! 

What i am looking for is someone to write letters to and learn more about their culture, hobbies and anything there is about the world basically. I have no gender or age preference. Only preference is that it is all done over letter! I am a little old fashioned like that. 


instagram: slayndreams

tumblr: demonsanddevilsloveangels

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