i’m samantha. i’m from california. 18. i’m a shy introvert. i love film, photography, novels, drawing, traveling, and creepy stuff. (spoooooky.) 

i’m looking for a penpal to write or email/text. doesn’t matter your gender, age, religion, race, etc. (i would prefer my penpal to be in the us though.)

some stuff i dig:

movies: star wars, american psycho, lolita, sleeping beauty(2011), american beauty, palo alto.

tv: dexter, american horror story, how to get away with murder, skins, the powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog, buzzfeed unsolved.

music: tame impala, the neighborhood, arctic monkeys, lana del rey.

ways to contact me;

email: wickedskywalker @ gmail . com

tumblr: speckledgurl (nsfw)

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