Looking for a pen pal


My name is Melody and I live in Los Angeles, California (US). I am 18 and looking for a pen pal. 

I LOVE to read, write, and draw. I also love sports mainly baseball, basketball, and UFC. I also love music, but I can’t play any instruments.

  • Favorite Books- I love to read so these are just a few: Harry Potter, Walden, Vampire Academy. There’s so many more but it’s hard for me to choose.
  • Favorite Musicians – Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Arctic Monkeys, Johnny Cash, Elvis. I have an eclectic music taste so these are just a few.
  • Favorite Movies/ Tv shows- The Office, Friends, Parks and Rec, The Avatar: The Last Airbender, Vikings, The Sandlot, Space Jam, Waterboy

Dislikes: Racism, homophobia, and people who chew with their mouth open. I am liberal so if you’re conservative this won’t work out.

If interested email me at softball13ml@ Gmail.com

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