Hey y’all!

So I’m 17 and a lesbian. I truly do not want a relationship right now. I just want friends because I’m going through stuff right now.

Well there are some things y’all should know about me:
– I’m an avid cusser. If you have a problem with it, don’t text me
– I love to read. Mainly fiction or fantasy.
– I absolutely adore candles
– I play trumpet and I’m a huge band nerd
– I’m in my senior year of high school
– I love Supergirl, Riverdale, and The Crown
– My favorite movies are The Sound of Music, anything Star Wars, and Rough Night

I can’t think of much else but it’ll come up eventually

I would really like people around my age. 16-19. Gender honestly does not matter at all.

Y’all can reach me on mainly Snapchat, tumblr, and instagram. However, I don’t give out my Snapchat till we’ve talked awhile

Instagram: ittylions
Tumblr: ittylions

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