Hey y’all, I’m Kathleen, you can call me Kat! I’m looking for an online best friend, someone I can text everything to 24 hours a day. Someone I can trust and laugh with! I’m 19 years old, 20 in May! Some things about me are:

•someone who is 18-25

•I am going into nursing school for labor and delivery.

•I’m obsessed with Disney, I worked there shortly.

•I’m from Tennessee. GO VOLS

•I love to hike

•I have two dogs!! So you could say I’m totally a dog person, but can love cats too with allergy medicine.

•my only friend is my boyfriend, and people I meet at the dog park.

•I am a true fan of Harry Potter.

•my favorite music is literally anything, country is fun.

•just message me if you want to be friends on tumblr or email

Texting is what I really would like to do with some occasional letters! I didn’t tell much about me because it’ll be better to get to know each other rather than you already knowing! ?

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