Hi! My name is Shelby. 

I’m 20 and I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina (US). I want to move to Europe, specifically France, because of all the science opportunities over there!

  • I work as a delivery driver for my family owned florist. It can be really stressful sometimes, but it’s definitely a lot more fun than working retail or fast food! 
  • I love all kinds of nerd stuff, like superheroes, reading, science, music, anime and gaming. I could make a list, but it might be a little long. Here’s a few: 

Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth
Music: One Direction, All Time Low, Halsey, Fifth Harmony, and a lot more 
I love reading, but All for the Game is my favorite series ever
Voltron is a thing 

I’m kind of shy at first until we start talking about something I’m interested in. I really like know about other cultures and customs! I’m currently learning French and want to be able to speak it fluently! If you could help me with that, it would be awesome! I’m down to send packages and stuff. I love writing and getting letters. You could literally send me anything and I would smile about it for a week. 

Fun fact: I have six cats and I want a Yorkie after I graduate college. 

You can always contact me here on my tumblr ( and we can go from there! 

My email is (shelbym.chester @ gmail .com)

Idk man, message me and stuff. I’m pretty much an open book. I’ll tell you what you want to know.  

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