19/M – Looking for a friend or something more in Western Kentucky!


Hi there! My name is Enoch, pronounced E-Nick, and I’m a nineteen y/o guy from Western Kentucky! 

As you can read from my title, I’m looking for a friend, or possible something more than a friend, that lives in Western Kentucky. 

  • Fun facts: my favorite superhero is Batman; I’ve created over one hundred of my own characters; I’m a picky eater sometimes; I’m a Christian; I love making others laugh; I’m weird (weirdness is coolness) and proud.
  • Likes: Netflix, movies, TV, superheroes, drawing, writing, exercising, animals, being creative, cooking, etc. 
  • Dislikes: drugs, drinking, smoking, and cursing.

I’m hoping to find someone that has similar, if not exact interests, as I do. I’d like someone that can keep up a conversation and realize a friendship or something more goes two ways, not one. I love being asked questions, I love asking questions, I love talking. 

If you fit my idea of someone to talk with and you’re interested in getting to know me more,
then feel free to message my Snapchatcrazy ideas too
– or my Kik1st Movie Master
Of course without the spaces in between.

Thanks for taking time to read my post and I look forward to talking with you!

-Enoch eandj06 @ hotmail.com

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