Well, well, well… Here we are! Lets get started now that I have your attention, shall we?

  • My Name is Emily
  • I am Female
  • I am just a couple days away from being 18 years old (which I’m super hyped for)
  • I reside in the gorgeous Washington in the United States of America.
  • The languages I speak include just English but one day I’d like to learn ASL and German.
  • I’m currently a college student trying to survive hah

Some of my interests and hobbies would be the following; Plants (I am a plant mama), animals, people if they’re pretty ok people, humor, sarcasm, crafts, art since I am an artist, knitting, writing, small things, organization, trinket, eyes, meeting new people, photography and just having a good time with sweet beautiful souls. (Riveting so far I’m sure.) On a more specific level here are some things within categories that I like.

Movies I like: Lord of the Rings (obviously), Perks of being a Wallflower, Me Earl and the Dying Girl, Inception, Most marvel movies, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Pretty much every single studio ghibli movie in existence, etc.

Shows that I like: We bare Bears, Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Adventure time, New girl, The Office, Parks of Recreation, etc.

Music I like: I really like Indie Rock, Folk, soft rock and some modern music. Two Door Cinema Club, Foster the People, Twenty One Pilots, The Lumineers, Lord Huron, Gregory Alan Isakov, Bon Iver, Daughters, etc.

Some specific likes include vanishing into a forest hiding from the world and my responsibilities, exploring places that I haven’t been before and being a hopeless romantic.

Some of my dislikes include; Rude people, politics, dumb arguments, modern society, small spaces, pure pressure, large crowds, greed, ignorance, people with a lack of humor scare me, people that think they’re entitled to everything, etc.


  • Penpal HAS to be between the ages of 15 and 22

  • Penpal HAS to speak english
  • Penpal HAS to be FEMALE (Sorry boys)

  • Penpal HAS to also want to write snail-mail

  • Penpal SHOULD/HAS to be committed, sending letters as soon as it is convenient, not flaking out entirely.

  • Penpal SHOULD have some interests that I share

  • Penpal HAS to converse a bit before exchanging addresses

  • Penpal DOES NOT have to live within a certain distance of me, distance does not matter. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to contact me as long as they speak fluent english, if you are interested and meet my few requirements.

Contacting me: The best way to contact me would be through my Tumblr Account at tragiccollegestudent through messages. Hope to hear from anyone who is interested!! Peace out my lovelies!!

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