Bonjour, I’m Melanie and I just really want to meet new people and make friends~

I’m 20, live in the states, ever-so-slowly trying to learn french and german, infj, leo but totally a pisces, grffindor/slytherin mix (but totally a hufflepuff inside lol) here are some of my obsessions:

  • naruto
  • a:tla/korra
  • marvel/dc
  • harry potter
  • the beatles
  • buffy/angel (bangel ftw!)
  • studio ghibli

I’m an embarrassingly nerdy person and I’m into a lot more but those are my main fandoms! If you want to know what else I’m into you can just ask~ 

I’m also really big on the studying community (studyblr), the bullet journaling community, and the journaling community; I love writing and journaling and Im trying to get a draft of a book I’ve been wrestling with for literal YEARS off the ground! I also write fanfic but not so much anymore but it has to be mentioned lol

I love the beatles, breaking benjamin, nirvana, Florence + the machine, my chemical romance, fleetwood mac, eminem, marilyn manson, etc … mostly rock and chillstep with a little pop mixed in every now and then!

My perfect pen pal is someone 20-23, either gender is fine, incredibly funny (I’m funny, and I need to be around funny people and humor because I NEED it lol), nerdy like myself, someone a lil more extroverted for me who can keep a conversation going, someone patient and kind and not too politically correct but still very much on the liberal spectrum, and mostly a writer/fanfic writer like myself ^_^

I made a post here not too long ago and if you scroll down long enough you’ll probably find it, but I’ve made a new tumblr since then: auoraatra.tumblr.com so it’s best to try and contact me there

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