Hello I’m Michaela

I’m an 18 year old girl from Long Island NY looking for a super awesome sweet pen pal ( male or female either or ! Preferably 17-20 but if you fall outa that and wanna be pen pals anyways don’t be shy ?)
• Im an artsy kinda person, so I’m super into Art and I love music, Christmas, plants and books, the color yellow. I’m a vegetarian, I love animals .

• I’m a very kind and gentle soul and love deeply , an old soul with a playfully youthful spirit. Im a literary book nerd and absolutely adore Harry Potter , Disney , Star Wars , Sherlock, doctor who ,supernatural and other fandoms ! I like tea, French fries and Chinese food and am JUST becoming a coffee drinker

•I love calligraphy and bullet journaling but am still learning and have just got accepted to my top University for next year with a Psychology major and hopefully an art therapy minor.

• I’m looking for someone to maybe send some cute drawings back and forth, some written letters all cute a decorative , maybe cool stamps and post cards and other small cute stuff through snailmail bc I love to write and send things !!! Or even become friends through text message eventually, or even just become internet buddies if the whole mailing thing doesn’t work out! ( bc I know international stamps can be a tad expensive?❤️) anything works for me !
Feel free to message me and see if we hit it off to become buddies ❤️?

Tumblr – @mickeymusic99
Insta – @gemini_sky_

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