Im Ali, im 19 and i live in Puerto Rico. I speak spanish!

Some of my likes and hobbies are:

  • reading: i read a lot but some of my favorites are The Raven Cycle, The Secret History, Harry Potter, Kafka on the shore, etc. 
  • music: i listen to almost everything: kpop ( bts, exo, got7, and many more), alt and rock, etc.
  • tv shows and movies: rick and morty, anything marvel and dc , greys anatomy, scandal, the walking dead, etc. 
  • journaling, writing, studying, politics, science, convos about anything

Id like snail mail pals and email buddies or just a friend really but specially snail mail! anyone is ok, doesnt matter age or gender or location. 

send me an email if interested or dm here
or my ig: @manicpxie

tumblr: badvibras.tumblr.com/

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