My name’s Orsola, I’m 18 and I’m from Italy.
I’ve always wanted to have a penpal, and since I’ve never felt confident enough to contact one of you out there, although you all seem very nice people, I’ve decided to submit a post myself. And this is already painfully awkward, but I hope I won’t bore you to death.
I’m not a very sporty person, although I’ve played different sports through the years. I like watching tv shows and movies, listening to music (I don’t care about genres, as long as it is interesting!) and strolling through the country. I love art, theatre, musicals, photography, modern and ancient literature, poetry and animals. I’m also really interested in history and different cultures, in general. I’ve been writing original stories for a while now, and I love reading books. I love memes and bad puns.
Other than that, I’m always up for talking about anything.

I speak Italian and English, but I’d like to refresh a bit my French and to learn Greek, although I’m open to everyone from every other country, as I’d like to connect with people from all over the world: it’s so cool to have friends from everywhere!!
I’d like to talk to someone not racist, anti-LGBT+, or intolerant in general, so if you recognise yourself in this category, get away from here, please.
I’d prefer to talk to people around my age (16-23, maybe?) but as long as you’re a nice person you’re welcome to talk to me, no matter the race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual preferences and beliefs.
I’d like to start talking via Instagram or via e-mail, and then, if there’s the chance, send each other snail mails. I’ll only be able to write snail mail to people from Europe, sadly, but we can still talk on the internet, so if you’re interested in chatting a bit, don’t worry!


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