Name: Başak Sungur
Age: 22
Country: Turkey 

I study English Language Teaching in Gazi University, Ankara. I’m graduating this year. 

Hobbies: I LOVE reading, watching movies. I am a cosplayer (you can check out my cosplays on ig: @kawaiibutpsycho), actress and I also like to write. I am working on a novel but I am very busy this year so I’m not able to work on that too much. I will finish it one day and I hope it’ll get published. I also used to dance and will get back to it after I graduate. I like sci-fi books, movies, and art. I love makeup and I’m obssesed with Korean skincare. I listen to all kinds of music as long as the lyrics are good. I love to travel and try different cousins. Unfortunatly I’ve never been abroad yet but hopefully I’ll visit Ukraine this summer! My major is English Language Teaching and I love it!

The penpal I want: Someone around my age. Gender doesn’t matter. I’m currently looking for someone from Ukraine (Kiev, Lviv) and Poland because I’m planning to visit those countries. I want to send and receive real letters. If you’re from somewhere else but you want to be my friend, we can chat via email or instagram and then send letters <3 I want a REAL FRIENDSHIP. A longlasting one. If the person shares some of my interests, it would be amazing. I want us to share ideas and knowledge with eachother to learn new things and see the world from a different person’s perspective. 

You can dm me on instagram or email me:
basaksungur @ icloud .com

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