Hello, I’m Isabel


I am 19 years old and attending college, it’s super fun and stressful at the same time. I only speak english, but have always wanted to learn spanish. I live in Central Nevada and I only love the weather during the winter and fall. 

I have a husky and he’s the best thing ever, I love talking about weird theories someone might have, movies and books, anything having to do with the biological sciences, I enjoy almost all genres of music, and I will totally enjoy listening to whatever is suggested to me. I’m definitely not a fan of physics or math, that’s all I can think of honestly. 

I just want a pen pal around the same age to bounce around lots of topics with, eventually snail mail because I’ve always wanted to do that. Please contact me via tumblr or instagram: isabelolm_15, and I’m sure it’ll go from there (:

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