Snail mail/art pal :)


Hi! My name’s Emily (I like to go by Ly) and i’m 22. I live in Bristol, United Kingdom 

my email address is emilyjane95 @ hotmail

I’m very into creative things such as painting, drawing and writing, and my life goal is to someday write a novel! (I’m sure i’ll get there someday!)

I’m ideally looking for a snail mail penpal as I love writing letters and I think it’s more personal and exciting to receive a physical letter. Obviously an English speaking penpal would be much easier but i’m Sure I could translate from another language if I needed to 🙂 any age, gender, location etc is fine, everyone is welcome!

If I could find another artist/writer penpal who would like to share their creativity with me that would be amazing! Art and writing exchange would be super fun.

A small random fact about me is that I once saw Kit Harrington on the tube in London but I was too scared to talk to him and I almost cried because i’m a massive loser.

If you want a little nosey at what I look like before my instagram is @lyjanec_

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