Hi everyone. I’m Selina, 24. I live in Hong Kong. 

I am looking for snail mail penpals from all over the world.

I am a nerdy fangirl spending most of my time binge watching Netflix at home. I also know a little bit tarot. Currently learning basic French but suck at it.

  • Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Skam, Stranger Things, Shadowhunters
  • Favorite Films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kingsman, The Lord of the Rings Series, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Wreck-it Ralph, The Lego Batman Movie, Spring Breakers, Kamikaze Girls, What We Do In The Shadows (and also every Disney teen movie. they are cliche but still good guilty pleasure.)
  • Favorite Books: Pride and Prejudice, Fangirl, Carry On, Wonder (I am not exactly a huge reader 😛 )
  • Favorite Music: Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Imagine Dragons
  • Other Random Likes and Dislikes: I love animals but own none. My favorite is properly llamas, followed by giraffes. I am not exactly a dog lover. In fact, I am afraid of them but I still find that pugs are cute. I like collecting stationery such as washi tapes and highlighters. I love traveling around the world. I had studied abroad in France for 1 semester. It was a life changing experience to me. I would like to enjoy your travel stories too.

I am not looking for anyone in particular. 

Feel free to contact me at kawingmok @ gmail. com

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