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Hello there! My name is Ida, and i’m an 18 year old girl from Norway.

I’m a free spirited girl with raging imagination. I have a collection of notebooks filled with dreams, nightmares, poetry/riddles, polaroid pictures and a lot of stories i fantasize about on my walks. I love going outside, to abandoned places, the deep forest, the sea, cinema and cafés! I love everything vintage or funny looking stuff, I collect all kinds of things, I also love everything aesthetically pleasing!

I am a bit messy and disoriented, but I know where my heart lies. I love to capture moments that fascinates me. Everything from the yellow trees against the blue sky or describe how the sea draws me to it. Sometimes though, I don’t capture those moments, almost like a secret only I know of. But I also like a chill day relaxing and reflecting over everything.

I love to listen to music. But don’t ask about genres! My playlist is a mess! (And I love it!) I love all kinds of movies, the ones that fill me with happiness, tears, laughter or the spooks! 

Since i’m not a quiet person, and definitely not an introvert, I would love to talk to someone with a free-mind and open heart as well. But I honestly would love to speak to everyone, despite how different we are. 

Email and letters are both ok. Since I love to draw, write and make homemade gifts, each letter will contain something.

E-mail: kristiansen.ida @ yahoo .com

Feel free to contact me!

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