Hello everyone, my name is Luna. I’m 22 and located in Pennsylvania, USA. I’ve done this once before, but fell out of contact with my previous penpals due to life and school. I’m looking to find some new penpals (a small number, maybe 2-5?) to write to and learn about! 

About Me:

  • I am a very creative person with a passion for art and writing! I’m currently learning how to draw, watercolor paint, and photography!
  • I love animals. I own a cat who lives with me in my apartment and i have a family dog back home.
  • I’m Chinese and I am bilingual. I speak English and Cantonese fluently and I’m hoping to learn more languages in the future such as Japanese, Korean, ASL, and whatever I might be into.
  • I really just like learning. School itself is a bore to me, but I constantly like learning new things.
  • I’m a pretty chill, friendly, and easygoing person, but I am honest and won’t mince words when it comes to my personal opinions or statements on moral issues.

Likes + Dislikes:

  • I have an insane amount of washi tape, stickers, and stationery that I feel would be put to use best if I wrote to pen pals. I also just like knowing that there is something for me to look forward to in the mail!
  • I like a lot of movies, books, tv shows, cartoons, and animes. I get heavily invested into anything as long as there is a good plot, developed characters, and it makes me happy!
  • Politics is still a hard area for me to keep up with. I do my best to stay informed and keep up with current events, but it’s hard and frankly it can be very upsetting. However this doesn’t mean that I won’t talk about politics or social justice! It’s just a reminder that i might not be the most well-informed person.
  • I love cooking and baking! I never really knew how to cook or bake much, but now that I’m living on my own, I really want to try my hand at it, so recipe exchanges are definitely something I’d like to try!
  • I love traveling! When I have to financial means, I like to go traveling or study abroad! I also like hearing about others travel stories!
  • There’s very few things I dislike, so I’m not sure what to put!

PenPal Requirements:

  • As long as you’re 18 and older, I’d be fine being pen pals with you. I also don’t have any country requirements, so if you’re outside of the USA, I’m totally fine with that as well.
  • Language-wise, I do prefer English because I do not write Cantonese as well as I can speak and read it. If you’re multilingual, I’d be cool with that too!
  • I’m mostly seeking open-minded individuals who has interests similar to mine and are open to sharing stories or photos taken in travel!
  • Letters are usually the thing I go for, though I am also open to small packages as well! I am renting a P.O. Box so please bear in mind I might not receive any huge packages.
  • I identify as an asexual woman, so I’m open to anyone who is a part of the LGBT community who’d like to be penpals.

If you’re interested in becoming penpals, you can contact me at my email or tumblr listed here!
tumblr: lunariawrites
email: lunariawrites @ gmail. com

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