Hey guys~


You can call me Kebbi, I’m 20 and from Germany. I’m currently a college student majoring in education. I speak german and english. I also started learning swedish a while ago and really want to pick it up again^^

My hobbies include drawing, raising my plants (mostly succulents) and cooking. I’m currently trying to get used to drawing with my graphic tablet but I’m still not rlly good. Some of the shows I enjoy are Brooklyn99, Skam, Haikyuu, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Yuuri on Ice. I’m currently very into Imagine Dragons and Elton John.

I am looking for an openminded snail mail buddy from Europe (mainly because shipping wont take as long) who hopefully shares some of my intrests. We could send small things with our letters, such as drawings, teas, photos or whatever fits into an envelope. Since I don’t really have that much money to spend, I would prefer to not send packages and keep birthday/christmas presents small. Sorry about that >.<

I think it would be really intresting to talk to someone who doesn’t identify as female, as me and most of my friends do, but it’s not a requirement at all! You should be roughly my age, so like 18-24 years old. I will not accept anyone younger than that. I also wont accept anyone who is homo-/bi-/transphobic, ableist or racist.

If you’re intrested please send me a message!
My tumblr is kjolar.tumblr.com

I am looking forward to hear from you &have a nice day!!

xx Kebbi

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