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Hello ॐ 

My name’s Hédi, I’m a 21-year-old artist&student from Hungary,Europe. 

I study landscape&garden architecture, I’m really into landart, psychedelic festival installation art, ecological and sustainable architecture e.g. Earthship houses, plants,flowers and nature in general. I do draw a lot, as for fun and due to my studies too. I just started experimenting with handpoke tattoos but I really love any artistic/creative way of expression.

I’m interested in sports like DH mountainbiking, SUP and stuff like that but lacking time and a proper place to do them I must live without them at the moment…but surely not forever:D

I’m kind of a hippie-minded person, an idealistic forever-longing-for-freedom Aquarius, and I feel that I have a mission here…like to bring something positive..to give back to our beautiful Earth and lovely people.

Music taste is very varied from psytrance/psybient , 60s/70s style psychedelic rock to chill mixes..acid jazz and anything else I like and  is not mainstream.

Who am I looking for?

  • As I plan some backpacking for summer…somewhere here in Europe, I’d appreciate  people from my continent..who knows maybe we’ll end up being travel buddys… but if you’re not from here just wanna chat that’s just as fine too.
  • Gender doesn’t matter, but please don’t really contact me over 27…
  • I speak English, Hungarian, Italian and basic German, next goals would be Spanish and/or Portuguese. 🙂
  • I’d be the happiest … if I found someone who shares my views and is interested in similar things as I am. I can’t guarantee snail mails…but if we chat online we still can send random letters with small gifts,drawings or postcards just to brighten each others’ day from time to time.


  • What I don’t really like are people with prejudices and who judge someone based upon a glance and never try to know them deeper. Also I could mention a lot of things about the society we live in but I don’t think this is the place to discuss world problems.

Random fact: 

  • This summer I “killed” a flower with power of thought. It was like we had some flowers from the garden in a vase and I looked at one and concentrated very strongly to make it “die”..and the next day I just realized only this flower was withered among the others which were pretty and alive.

My e-mail address to contact me besides tumblr: 
thme . happy @ gmail . com

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