Good day, everyone! My name is Chelsea, 24 years old, from the Philippines, I work as a high school assistant guidance counselor (im not yet licensed), and im a master of arts in guidance and counseling student.

I basically want to do this pen pal thing because I think i have human connection and communication problems and I usually want to try different kinds of hobby.

I look for something quick, just an exchange of letter or postcard, maybe a one-time or two-time thing. But i do hope that one of you would be able to “cure” my “problem”. (felt weird saying that, after all I’m a counselor)

Anywayyy, im an artsy person or, at least, i try to be one by purchasing and collecting stationery, stickers, and postcards from bazaars and indie hubs.

Other interests: 

  • films (letterboxd . com/chelseacalderon/): i love slice of life, thriller, psychological films. At the moment i indulge myself by watching asian 
    • films (i love Ozu, Sang Soo etc. , slow cinema, and the classics.
  • music: i love 80s music, japanese shoegaze, sadcore/slowcore and indie filipino music
  • film photography (carlatan. tumblr . com/): i’d love to try to swap films too


  • pen pal (snail mail) letters and postcards only, no packages (except for film swaps)
  • 24-30 years old, no preferences on gender/race
  • wants this whole thing brief but deep (but we can’t really tell as of now, right? we cant really be too sure that it’d be brief haha)

Facts about me:

  • I live close to the surfing capital.
  • i have a penpal from Tbilisi, Georgia and a time capsule buddy from Laguna, Philippines.
  • I’m totally trustworthy!

Contact details:
: chelseafayeanescalderon @ gmail . com
tumblr:  carlatan. tumblr . com/ 
or you can just click this tumblr that i’ve used

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