looking for an email/im pal :-0


hey, i’m verity and i’m a 22 (nearly 23) year old animator, hobbyist photographer, and aspiring programmer from canada!

i’m looking for an email buddy or, even better, someone that i can message via sc or whatsapp. i can’t send snail mail at the moment but it’s something i’d be open to exchanging in the future if we click as friends!

my email: nicolaegutaislife @ outlook . com

a little about me: this is all going to be pretty random, okay? so, anyway… if you’re a slut for astrology, my sun sign is scorpio and my moon is cancer. i learned to code on neopets.com. i collect enamel pins. my favourite is a fat cat eating cheetos. i could eat fajitas all day, every day. i’m learning romanian very, very slowly. i’m gay lol. i’m in elo hell. i’ve uninstalled league of legends at least three times. i have lots of ugly sweaters. i love sharing memes and music playlists. i’m a night owl. i cried during kimi no na wa.

  • totally into just chatting about whatever – movies, anime, memes, school, being gay (if that’s your thing), video games, puppers.
  • not cool with homophobes, transphobes, or really any -phobes.

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