hey hey, i’m emily, i’m 18 and from melbourne, australia!

i’ve done pen pal-ing before but was in high school then and had zerooo time, so i want to try it again!

  • anywayssss so i’m in my first year at university and i’m studying criminology, so i’m super into fictional and true crime/legal tv shows (svu, ncis, suits, 48 hours, true crime documentaries etc.) and movies as well as true crime books.
  • i also love travel (although never do enough), eurovision (a big bonus if you’re a fan, too), listening to music (i’m a fan of most styles, but i can’t sing or play anything to save myself), camping, summer, clubbing, shopping, sleeping and photography.

i would prefer to email first but would be willing to do snail mail once i trust you’re not secretly a 50 year old man (i’ve seen too many crime shows, clearly)

i’d prefer anyone 16 years old or over, but am open to any nationalities (would love someone from europe or the amercias, though!), genders, sexualities etc.

i only speak english and a bit of german, but can understand broken english pretty well!

feel free to email me at: 1998emilyp @ gmail . com

hope to hear from some lovely people soon!


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