Hay, dudes what’s up? I’m Sam, (female), I’m 20, and I’m from the UK

Hobbies include: Baking, writing, watching people dance (because let’s be real, if I tried to dance I’d look like an octopus with a rocket shoved up it’s ass on a skating rink), art, magic, ventriloquism, archery (I can’t do any of these last 3, but I find them massively interesting), language learning, self teaching, collecting vintage/retro things, DIY, graffiti, collecting mugs, collecting hats, collecting stamps

In case you’re interested, I’m INTP and my zodiac is Cancer

Things I love: 

  • Memes, fandom references, architecture, space, tea, animals, babies, 1900’s clothes, 1900’s music, dinosaurs, concerts, crappy food, my family, my friends, myself, the rain, ice cream shakes, 1950’s burger bars, jukeboxes, vinyl records, polaroid cameras, nachos (the food, not the TV show – I haven’t seen it:/), nostalgia, dirty jokes, Attila, accents
  • I love accents!
  • Libraries, museums, public gardens, musicians, writers, artists, happy, positive people, piercings, tattoos, and cool coloured hair

Things I’m looking for in a pen pal: I’m not, sorry, I’d actually like an internet friend, I assure you that if we become good friends we can write to each other, but at the minute let’s just say my theme tune is “I Need A Dollar – Aleo Blacc

I look forward to hearing from you

Contact information:
Email: samanthavictoria @ email . com

PS. If you want to see what I look like, my Tumblr icon is me

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