Looking for Friends!


Hey Im Serena!


I live in Canada and speak English.

Im mostly just looking for some likeminded people to talk to and make friends with! Im interested in art so I often paint and sketch, although lately Ive been lost for inspiration. Im currently working but looking into going back to school next fall for art & entrepreneurship. 

Likes: art, photography, most music, cartoons, and probably lots more!

Dislikes: Im not actually sure? 

Im most comfortable talking to anybody around the ages of 16-21. Id like to communicate through messaging at first, but as things progress id definitely love to send snail mail (so I could send you doodles/crafts/etc)! I dont have any requirements as long as you’re a respectful/non-judgemental person!

How to Contact Me: 

Tumblr, Kik, or Insta: @cpqews

If you’d rather communicate by email you can request it through one of these apps! 

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