Hi there!


I do not know how to start but I guess that is a start to so I’m just going to proceed. I’m looking for a pen pal and I sure do hope I find a wacky one. Or any pen pal at all would be fine. Geez this is already all over the plave, sorry about that, just don’t know what to say first. 

Wellp, I’m an 18yo girl, with a lot of interests, mainly books, videogames, memes and amazing puns nobody laughs at (why???). I promise I will do my best to make ya laugh (maybe with pain, or sorrow, or just because its just to intolerable to react in any other way). I love Star wars, Rick & Morty, LOTR, South park, and more that I can’t think of.

I’m totally up for anyone willing to talk, thanks for handling that ruckus!


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