Hi, my name is Corinna but some people like to call me Coco. I am from Germany, 17 years old and looking for a snail mail pen pal!

I had some pen pals in the past but due to personal circumstances (like moving to another city etc) I wasn’t able to keep them up. My mail box is pretty empty right now and ready for your letters.

What you have to know about me is…

  • I really enjoy watching all kinds of movies (e.g. I am obsessed with everything Marvel, Star Wars, horror movies etc)
  • music is what keeps me alive. I play the guitar and the violin, I enjoy singing in the school choir and being in an orchestra
  • my favourite bands/artists are: RISE AGAINST, the maine, P!ATD, Borns. Harry Styles, Queen, and some really good german artists! 
  • my favourite shows include: glee, TVD, Preacher, .. I am more into movies tbh
  • I also used to be into writing but currently school just freaks me out and kills my whole creativity but i would LOVE to read what you have to say!

I speak german, english, a little bit french and the worst spanish you’ve ever heard! Maybe you could help me out?

I really don’t care where you are from or if you’re a boy or a girl or anything in between. The only things I care about are that you should be around my age (15-19) and a nice and friendly human being. <3

With that being said I hope that I’ll find the perfect pen pal!


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