Looking for penpals


I really miss the feel of paper and the excitement of sending and receiving lovely letters, if you feel the same, read on!

About me: The name is Maya. I am 28 years old and my current residence is in Germany.

I used to study both library science and graphic design, but I dropped out of university a year ago, due to my mental health.

I love food, drawing, naps, anime/series (for now I’m in love with JJBA, BNHA, Berserk, and Kakegurui❤❤), online-shopping (I’m a junkie) and fashion.

I am currently learning dutch and brushing up my french on my own. I am also trying to learn some proper japanese, but it is a bit of a challenge 😮

I consider myself a bit of an artnerd, so be prepared for me gushing about a certain illustrator or painter.

Occasionally I play videogames, such as Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei Series (also Persona, but only 1-4) and Dragon Age. I am always open for more suggestions of media, be it books, animations, movies, series or videogames.
I also have a rather crude sense of humour and tend to make really bad puns, so be warned :3 I also love memes.

About you: I am looking for penpals in my age-range (23-35) with *very important* similar interests. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.
So if you feel like exchanging artworks/drawings/fanart, jokes, memes, stories and shenanigans, reblog this post or send me an email to tigerbalm (at) tuta (dot) io

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