Would you like to swap packages?


Hello, my name is Ray. I’m a girl, 18 from Michigan USA.

I’m interested in making international package swaps with the following countries

  • UK/Ireland
  • Mexico
  • All Asian countries
  • Sweden,France,New Zealand, Germany,Poland.

My interests – music, baking/cooking, learning languages (I speak 3) , writing, t.v series.  

Likes – Music of all kinds, being humorous, trading and writing letters. As far as candy I will eat any kind; sour, sweet, spicy.

I would like to exchange things such as food/candy and possibly letters to build my tumblr page and experience world cultures. I want to try candies from different countries so i’m excited to see who will join me in a swap. If you are from another country, you are also welcome. 

I have the following pages for contact
Email- silverrose215 @ gmail. com

Have a nice day x

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