Hey y’all! I’m Janae, im 19 from the US, New York no where near that gross city. 

just started my second year of college in business exploration. So I love watching movies and reading, sci-fi and horror being my favorites! I’m definitely more of a homebody but I’m super talkive once i get to know you! 

I’d like to be either your email, instant messaging, or snail mail friend not really picky, but either way I really want to send post cards, i buy them everywhere i go and i would love to actually buy them and send them to another person instead of just hangning them on my wall, of course I’ll still doit, I’ll just buy more then one! Mmh i want to learn a language cause i only know english and tiny bit of french but i can’t decide so maybe you can help me if you speak something else! I’m hyper organized but i can be a bit spacey so sometimes it may take my bit to get back to you and other times I’ll quad text you! 

Email: walnutmaureen

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