My name is Mordecai he/him or they/them pronouns and I’m 22. I’m trying to branch out and talk to different kinds of people. I’m honestly really easy to get along with but meetings strangers is so anxiety inducing! I have dissociative identity disorder so I need a pen pal who is accepting and understanding of mental health issues. I know it sounds fake but I was diagnosed nearly two years ago and I assure you it’s not fantasy it’s hard work. I’d be happy to reduce some stigma and answer questions about it.
I watch Netflix much more than I should and I’m counting down the days for season two of stranger things! I also like any medical related show or criminal shows like critical.inal minds and Bones.
My favorite movie is The Royal Tennenbaums but I love all Wes Anderson films.
I’m really into psychology, neuroscience, medicine, mushrooms and fungus, some outdoors and survival stuff and early childhood education. I work as an educator and a beautiful reggio and eco friendly early learning cents r in Seattle, WA.
To be honest I don’t do a whole lot, work really exhausts me. I’m usually out searching for great beers and cider with my coworkers. But if I could I’d go mushroom hunting and hiking, I’d travel, I’d constantly be trying new food.
I’m Norwegian, German and native American (Blackfeet and Ktunaxa). So I also consider myself two spirit which is a traditional native LGBT term. The Norse and native traditions are heavily present in my family and it’s amazing.

OH and I’m a little obsessed with hot food, I go through a ridiculous amount of ghost pepper sauce and I’m on a quest for something so spicey it will bring tears to my eyes cuz my tolerance is so high now that I don’t remember the last time I experienced that.
Snail mail would be really cool but email or Tumblr is fine too. I’ll give you my email if you hit me up on Tumblr.
Hope to hear from you! Thanks!
Anyone over 20 is fine.

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